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The Return of the (Coney Island) Native

Coney Island 2017 is a different kind of place.

Cleaner. Friendlier. A mellow mix of New Yorkers enjoying the balmy air.

The Boardwalks are low to the ground now, making “under the Boardwalk” a code harder to understand. The feeling seems mellow, almost un-New-York, a feeling amped up when the cool air hits your face on a sweltering day in the City. All in all, it’s pretty cool in more ways than one. It doesn’t matter that the Cyclones game is kind of dull when the real-live Cyclone is part of the view. It doesn’t matter if the game goes into extra innings when the fireworks go up on schedule by 10 p.m.

I was born close to the spot I am sitting at the game. Literally, this is the Return of the Native, Coney Island style. When we neared the stop in Bensonhurst where I had grown up and waited many a long day and night for the N train, also lovingly called the Sea Beach, with a cruder nickname, the recorded conductor keep saying “we are being held here momentarily.”  After the third time, it began to seem symbolic. Like the evening. At Coney Island.







Summer in This City

You know the kind of day I mean: intense; broiling; with the sidewalks giving up smells of garbage long forgotten. After a bout of London-style weather (gray and rainy, without the “bright”), New York was like that last week: Summer in this City.

All around me, people were talking about going to the Hamptons or upstate or leaving town and just generally dissing the state of being here. This being my first full Summer in NY in quite some time, I had to wonder.

Then, all at once, the feeling lifted and the night was as glorious as it gets: up high, refreshing, with the views and the temperature just great. Sunsets being a Summer theme, here is last night’s. There may be better places to be. But even in the Summer, it’s always right to take Manhattan.