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Juicy Fiction

When I found myself using third person rather than first for a novel, it scared me. I couldn’t depend on a voice speaking to me, almost speaking through me, as I do when I write memoir. But I’ve enjoyed the freedom third person allows and discovered that multiple voices emerge organically, especially for my main character, a strong, complex female artist. I will announce it quite soon.

I’ve always loved history-based fiction and novels that fill in the blanks and make the past live.
Now I have written my own. Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies got me thinking about writing fiction when I learned that Hilary Mantel was not always Hilary Mantel. She had done other things before creating these wonderful books.

I’ve have had a successful career in what people call “acclaimed” non-fiction, like Gone Primitive, Primitive Passions and The War Complex. I also won an American Book Award for my memoir about growing up Italian American in New York, Crossing Ocean Parkway. Now I’m branching out, with a novel in the spirit of The Paris Wife, Loving Frank, The Aviator’s Wife, and other smart fiction about interesting women who lived in fascinating times and places and moved in artistic circles. My main character is a major artist and I see that as a plus. I’m excited to place this novel and to say more!

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