Juicy Fiction

When I found myself using third person rather than first for a novel, it scared me at first; I couldn’t depend on a voice speaking to me, almost speaking through me as I do when I write memoir.But I’ve enjoyed the freedom third person allows and discovered that multiple voices emerge organically, sometimes via third person subjective for my main character, a strong female artist I adore. I’m still revising this book, but am almost done, and will announce it quite soon!

I’ve always loved history-based fiction, novels that fill in the blanks and make the past live. Now I have written my own. Hilary Mantel’s WOLF HALL and BRING UP THE BODIES got me thinking about publishing my work and then I learned that Hilary Mantel was not always Hilary Mantel: that she had done other things before these wonderful books, just as I have had a career writing what people call “acclaimed” non-fiction, like GONE PRIMITIVE. LOVING FRANK, THE PARIS WIFE, VANESSA AND HER SISTER reach, I believe, both the literati, and others. I hope people find my books fun, but also smart.

My regular blog-site switches to mariannatorgovnick.tumblr.com. I’ll blog there occasionally but find that social media keep us all fairly busy. I’m on Facebook as Marianna Torgovnick; on Twitter as Marianna_tor, with the Twitter feed appearing to the right. The site you’re viewing remains a place to learn more about me and my work.

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